Old Stuff

I’ve had some sort of online presence on damow.net for a long time now. In that time, some things have come and gone, but I still have backups containing almost everything I’ve ever put online here.

I’ll pick out a bunch of the most interesting things (that don’t need some sort of runtime to work) and put them here. Most of this stuff will be dug out of the archives of work.damow.net.

  • bf-turing - The Brainfuck Turing Machine. Probably one of my first experiments with computational devices, state machines etc. Realised as a jQuery-based web toy. 2011 was wild, huh?
  • dailymail = Daily Mail Headline Generator. Because who says cutting commentary on the state of our media can’t take the form of a silly web app? (ported to hacky JS from the original PHP)