Long time no see

So it’s been a while since I last published any thing on Damow.net. In fact the domain has been out of my control for quite some time, it was squatted by the usual what you want when you need it gang shortly after I did my usual trick of failing to renew it a year or so ago. In any case I suppose I felt like writing down some of my thoughts and ideas and I’m interested to see if anybody will actually read them at all.

Lots has changed since I last used to write posts on this blog. I’m now at the university of Manchester, studying Internet Computing. I’ve learned lots of things. Gained interests and lost interests. Oh and my hair is a bit longer. I still don’t have a girlfriend or a really big house or lots of money, and I suppose in that respect things have not really changed much at all.

In terms of the blog, it’s pretty standard to be honest, can’t be arsed messing about with clever wordpressy things - I think the whole idea is born of hipsters anyway. Only fancy thing I did do was to make a little script to crop down a load of photos to fit the header area and then upload them and pick one randomly at each page load. Pleased with the result, but there’s a few duffers in there - way too many steam plant ones for a start - at least they look cool. Hopefully I’ll be posting pretty regularly, geeky stuff, news, rants and the like. There must be so many blogs like this already - kinda makes me feel hopeless.

Damien Walsh

I'm a 28 year old Computer Science graduate working in software & electronics development. I like electronics, programming, a variety of weird music and I sort of have a thing for motorbikes too.

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