In August of last year, I wrote some software to tie together Velleman’s K8055 board and iOS running on iPhone/iPod Touch. It’s proven to be a success and I’ve sold over 300 copies of the app since I shoved it on the app store. It’s had quite a big impact, and one of the best things about it for me has been reading the emails from my users about how they’re using my software. I’ve had people controlling telescopes from other counties, switching heaters on and off in warehouses, scaring kids at Halloween and all kinds of other things. I even let Velleman know about it and they were nice enough to send me a few free samples, including their VM8090 8-Channel Relay card and the VM116 DMX interface box.

The DMX box has interested me particularly. DMX is a protocol used mostly by lighting professionals and DJs for controlling their lighting fixtures. I thought it would be great if the iPad could interface with DMX devices as it’s such a touchy-feely device - you could really add your own feel to a lighting show. I’ve produced a few mockups of ideas for iPad applications in that area:

Early mockup of the DMX control iPad app

Just ideas - I have also had a play at getting the VM116 device to talk to my desktop with some success. The latency would be an issue over WiFi however - so any end-product application would probably “upload” a show then run it and wouldn’t have much real-time control over the DMX fixtures at all.

Unfortunately I’m very stuck for time lately with lots of inane business studies projects and silly complicated assignments to do that are worth nothing to me. And I thought university was the “final lap” of education where you do what you’re interested in and become polished in it, not slog away at more crap you have no interest in at all - what do I know eh?

Bitter and cynical as usual then.


I'm a Computer Science graduate working in software & electronics development.

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